We are launching the new Virtual-U “Privacy-Shield” Data Privacy v.2.0 the first personal and business data privacy monitoring, software and service for everyone; individuals, family’s, brands and businesses can now control and own their “Virtual You”! Today, your personal data and sentiments are online. Online is where you shop, bank, work, learn and where you communicate with them. Unfortunately, because of the Internet’s current structure and loose regulations, it’s where search engines, social media, apps, data aggregators and criminals can gather and exploit your personal information and even damage your reputation. They can do it anonymously without even leaving their homes. We live in a day when you need a solution to help you gain control of your data privacy, your security, and your identity. This Is It! The Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg congressional hearings on April 10th & 11th 2018, answered over 600 questions that include statements such as “all 2 Billion Facebook users may have become a victim of private data theft”. Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook default visibility settings for your phone number and email address “can reveal information about 300 other people”, including your children, business or even the location of military personnel… “affecting all Facebook users” and it’s being gathered and found on the Dark Web.

With over 27 years experience with Internet privacy and online reputation’s, we have produced the first real service that gives “You” the ability to clearly and concisely make meaningful choices in order to monitor and control all your privacy settings and control what appears about you on the Internet across the world. Virtual-U has already been successfully used by thousands of people who wanted to control what personal data appears in the top search engines, social media, directories, industry websites and other public records databases. You can now perform live monitoring with instant alerts of the top 200+ social media platforms, 500+ business sites, search over 100,000’s of news feeds, millions of blogs and newspapers with Virtual-U Monitoring. With the Virtual-U’s Do It Yourself Kit, you get all the Information needed to change, block or remove any information from the top platforms or from any website. You get the up-to-date instructional solutions in the form of easy to follow video tutorials, E-book and appropriate hard to find documents on how to control or get your personal data, medical data or biometric data removed from Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, public records, arrest and mugshot sites, white-page phone book address; phone; and email databases, yellow-page directories, blogs; even the instructions to file “the right to be forgotten” in the E.U., or comply with the U.S. H.R. 2520 Browser Act.

Virtual-U monitoring, software and service includes one-of-a-kind suite of E-books, video tutorials, important legal documents and other toolkits that shows you step by step how to set the exact profile settings for each site, the data shared across 3rd party networks, 1000’s of apps, visibility settings, comment controls, website analytics, and targeting of advertisements. Virtual-U DIY gives you the exact instructions on how to get your profiles or personal data removed from the source, blocked from Google, or diminished in the search engines. Virtual-U will have a video introduction that includes the Zuckerberg testimony, questions and answers, their meanings and how to solve them all with our software and service. The Virtual-U software and service subscribers will stay ahead of malicious actors by getting monthly updates of changes to the settings for each site, changes to their Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and changes to U.S. and International regulations for consumer privacy protections.

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